Butterflies, I believe one of most diverse and beautiful insects in the world. Not a professional photographer but whenever I see a beautiful butterfly I always try my best to photograph the magical designs on their Wings and color combinations. 


One of the natural contributor for the beauty of the Earth is Flowers. Flowers they can feed insects, birds, animals, some flowers are used for herbal medicines … I have photographed flowers more than anything else in this world. Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies.


I love to watch and photograph Birds. My favorite birds include Parrot, Penguin, Love Birds, Nightingale, Swan, Sparrows, Canary. Birds are useful to human because of its contribution for Food, Economy, Agriculture, Beauty of Nature ….


Trees gives fresh air to breath, Fruits, soil erosion, tree extract medicines, supports wildlife, defend global warming, firewood, building materials, furniture and more … There are some of the attractive trees I have photographed.


Rivers carry water and nutrients and that makes first great civilizations all grew up in river valleys. I was lucky to see some of the great Rivers in the world and that include Nile, Yamuna, Periyar, Pamba, Bharatapuzha, Gurupura River, Netravati, Chaliyar, AchanKovil, Kallada, Manimala ….

Attractions : France | India | Thailand | Jordan | Spain | UAE | Morocco | Oman | Kuwait | Tunisia | Lebanon | Egypt | South Africa | Netherlands | Kenya | Bahrain | Turkey | Poland | Ghana

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