Taj Mahal, Agra – India

Taj Mahal is an immense mausoleum of white marble on the south bank of the Yamuna river in Agra, India. ‘The Taj’ is one amongst the World’s Wonders and One amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Agra is approximately 225 KMS  from Delhi (3 Hours+ Journey by Road ). Attractions of Agra include : The Taj Mahal,  Agra Fort, Architecture , Handicrafts, Leather Goods, Fabrics, Jewellery, Gardens , Marble and Softstone inlay work, Parks and more

The Garden of Five Senses, New Delhi.

The Garden of Five Senses is a park in New Delhi, India. Spread over 20 acres and is situated near the Qutub heritage zone. The Garden has got around two hundred varieties of plants  and large areas of trees. The Garden is designed to stimulate one’s sensory responses to the environment.

Konni Elephant Camp

Konni, a forested village in the State of Kerala in South India, situated on the bank of the mighty Achencovil River has a long and rich history of man-forest interface. Konni is among the most prominent elephant training centres in Kerala. Attractions include :  Giant wooden cages used to house the elephants, known as Aanakkoodu, Baby elephants, Elephant Museum, Kids play area (small one), Trees and Nature, Elephant Ride,  option to buy Natural Honey, soaps, oils …. Location : Konni Elephant Reserve, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India

Green Valley, Adoor, India

Green Valley, a Multi theme park situated in the Central Travancore at Adoor. Attractions include Water Theme Park, Convention Centre, 20 Rides, Artificial Water falls, 6D Theature, Soft Play, Kids Pool, Bumper Car and more … Location : Green Valley, Parakode, Adoor, Kerala, India.

Qutub Minar

The iconic Qutub Minar is the worlds tallest brick minaret and is 73 foot tall. This five storeyed tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first three storeys of the tower are built in red sandstone while the fourth and fifth are made of marble and sandstone. Location : Seth Sarai, Mehrauli, New Delhi.

Indian Premier League – Cricket

The Indian Premier League, Professional Twenty 20 cricket league representing Indian cities, generally during April and May of every year. I was lucky to watch 2 IPL matches in Dubai and got opportunity to see many Cricket Stars including Sachin Tendular and Virat Kohli.  In my view every cricket lover to experience an IPL  match atleast one time in their life … the IPL Trumpet sound will be echo in your ears for many days. Its really India Ka Tyohaar,  Celebration…..

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